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For USA Buyers

Want to Make Payment From PayPal? Watch the Video below and Go to “PayPal Payment instruction Page” to copy and paste the recipient details

Or, Option # 2 – Payment via Transferwise.com

After placing the order on our website and completing the checkout process, Follow the instructions below, see the video and copy paste the recipient details given below:

Go to Transferwise.com

Transferwise is a currency exchange service built by former engineers at Skype. It’s extremely reputable and has received a lot of press coverage. It’s our view that Transferwise doesn’t carry any real risks and we use it to make the vast majority of our own outbound transfers too–we’ve transferred hundreds of thousands of pounds with the service and have had no issues.

The fee structure at Transferwise often leads to significant savings when compared to most (but not all) traditional banks. By allowing you to transfer money at the real rate, you don’t lose out on commission, especially when making big invoice payments.

See the picture above, Select USD as the Sender currency and enter the product price in USD.

Make sure you selected GBP as the Recipient currency and use the Bank account details Below to make the payment on transferwise site

Use the following details

Full Name: Nabeel Khan

Country United Kingdom

City: Birmingham

Address: 76 Spring Road Tyseley

Postal Code: B11 3DL

IBAN: GB34 TRWI 2314 7071 1455 00

or Account Number: 71145500

Sort Code 23 14 70

Bank Account to make payment via transferwise site for USA Buyers
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